Five factors to consider when buying sex toys

Buying sex toys is not something that you do casually. Although you can find lots of them; you need to be careful with what you buy because it determines what you experience when you start using them. Therefore, it is a good idea to research more about the sex toys before you start using them. The gives more insights about different sex toys and at the same time sells the best. To help you get the best, here are five factors to consider when buying sex toys.

Factors to consider when buying sex toys

The Materials

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdgIf you look at the various sex toys in the stores, you will notice that they are made from a variety of materials. There are those that are made from plastic while others are made from silicone, rubber, and a combination of many other materials. Therefore, you need to select the materials that you are most comfortable with based on the experiences that you long for.

The size

Different sizes of sex toys are suited for different types of people. For instance, if you are a young girl that has not had any experiences with these toys, you will be scared by some of the sizes that you are likely to find out there. It is because there are those that are meant for more experienced women, who want something bigger. You also should consider your own preferred size because not everyone feels comfortable with the same things. If you are so into the big sizes, go for them.

The additional features

Looking at the various toys will also help you to know that they come with various features. These features are basically meant to give you more pleasure. One of the features that can easily be noted is the texture. While there are toys that have grooves, others are smooth all the way. It is because the manufacturers want to give the users a blend of pleasures. Other features include special shapes that are likely to trigger special pleasures.

The purpose

You may be surprised to find out the purpose for which you need sex toys is not the same one that others need it for. You also will notice that everyone has their own preferred way of pleasuring themselves. Therefore, you should be thinking about the specific purpose for which you need them. For example, there are women who buy these toys for complete penetration, but others only use them to stimulate themselves.

The safety

fdgdfgdgdfgdfgdfgfdgHow safe are the materials that you want to use? Studies show that some people develop complications after using these toys because some of them are made from poor quality materials. If you notice that the toys are causing irritation or discomfort in your genitals, it only means that you are using the wrong thing, and you have to change.

In addition to these five factors to consider when buying sex toys, you should also look for a reliable supplier. You need a seller who can assure you of high-quality set toys so that you can enjoy using them all the time. Look for suppliers with good reviews from their customers.…


Benefits of DIY anal bleaching with home products

Anal bleaching has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. People have come to notice that a dark anal does not have any appeal or attraction. More so for women, they have realized that men love pink anals. For this reason, more and more women and men have resorted to bleach their anuses to enhance the anal look. Anal bleaching can be done in beauty salons, in a spa, through surgery or through use of bleaching creams that can be homemade and used at home. Bleaching your anal by DIY at home is the most appropriate way for individuals who feel intimidated to visit the spas and salons for the procedure. In this article, we outline the benefits of anal bleaching by DIY at home.


Deciding to do the anal bleaching procedure at home will help you save a lot of money because you will not bvnjghuneed to visit SPAs and salons to pay for the services. Most SPAs and salons charge relatively higher prices when they bleach your anus. Similarly, you will not incur a lot of money buying creams since you will know how to use the ones you purchase adequately.

Time saving

A DIY procedure for bleaching your anus will help you save a lot of time. This is because you are the one to decide the time when you will be doing the procedure. This makes the DIY treatment to be also convenient. Similarly, you will not have the hassle of booking appointments to salons or SPAs to have your anus bleached. On the other hand for salons and SPAs, they normally schedule several visits before your anus is fully bleached and this can cost you a lot of time in the process.

Freedom to use the products you like

Deciding to bleach your anus from the comfort of your home will allow you to use the products that you like. This is unlike when you go to the salons or SPAs where the attendants will use the products that are available, and if they don’t have your preferred products, then they will use the ones that you don’t even know. Using the different creams can even irritate your anal area.

More discreet

If you don’t like exposing your body then bleaching your anus at the comfort of your home will be the most appropriate treatment. At your home, you will not encounter people around you as you do the procedure. You will be able to apply the creams privately and without any supervision.…


Benefits of contraceptives

Contraceptives have become one of the most talked about subjects of our time. Some see contraceptives as a negative concerning health and religious beliefs. It is quite the opposite. Aside from being able to prevent pregnancy safely, contraceptives do have quite some other benefits. Let us take a look at them.

Prevention of pregnancy

If you adhere to its instructions, it will protect you from the risk of getting pregnant. You have to take a pill daily and on time. If you don’t do this, then these contraceptives are less likely to work for you. You need to use them the right way. While you may be using contraceptives, it is also advisable to use condoms to protect yourself from any sexually transmitted diseases.

Lightens your periods

This is one of the biggest reasons why most people prefer to use contraceptives. They make your periods a walk in the park by significantly reducing cramps and pains. The pill can make your period lighter because of the hormones that it contains. For those who just don’t want to deal with periods at all, you can use contraceptives to stop them.

You can have kids right after you stop using them

Many people who use contraceptives want to have children in the future. The only reason why they use the pill is that they know and feel that it might not be the right time to have kids or start a family. The good news is that you can have kids immediately you stop using the pill. The only thing that will take time to get back to normal is your menstrual cycle. Irregular periods are common after you stop using the pill. Understand however that regardless of your menstrual cycle, if you have stopped taking the pill, it is now possible for you to have a baby so if you were not ready then it is advisable to use another method of birth control.

Health benefits

Contraceptives have numerous health benefits. Research indicates that they can help to prevent endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer as well. It can also prevent infections that may occur in the uterus and fallopian tubes as well. It can also help to get rid of acne if you have it or prevent it if you don’t. Contraceptives also help to decrease the risk of ectopic pregnancy significantly and also to prevent anemia. Consider contraceptives therefore because of the numerous benefits that they have other than just prevention of pregnancy.…


Factors to consider when choosing birth control

Trying to keep yourself from getting pregnant and safely at that requires you to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method and find out which one works for you. Find out if there is a way that you can use quickly and conveniently and is still safe for you. There are numerous options from which to choose. Here are the factors you should consider when deciding on a birth control method.

Convenience and ease of use

There are some birth control methods out there, but some are just more comfortable to use and more convenient. Of these, some are also easier to comprehend. A patch is a birth control method that only needs to be changed weekly whereas the diaphragm needs to be in use every time you have sex. There is also the injection which you would only need to get after every three months. Depending on your lifestyle, you can be able to decide which birth control method works best for you.

Are you comfortable?

Consider how comfortable you are with the different forms of birth control. If you end up using a birth control method that you are not comfortable with then the reality is that it really won’t help you in the long run. You cannot fully rely on a method that you are not comfortable with. Find out also if it causes any irritation for yourself and your partner as well. It is imperative, to be honest with yourself and your partner about how you feel about different forms of birth control.

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

It is a plus if the method of birth control that you eventually settle on can also prevent or lower the risk of infection. Condoms are the only ones that can be of use for both prevention of sexually transmitted diseases as well as prevention of pregnancy. You might trust your partner, but it is of importance that you protect yourself as you might not know whether your partner has a sexually transmitted infection or has any other sexual partners.

Do you want children in future?

There are birth control methods that are temporary and others permanent. If you do not want to have a child or you already have kids, and you are confident that you do not want more then you can use the permanent methods of birth control. If you would, however, like to have children in future, consider using temporary methods of birth control.…


We Agnostics and Freethinkers International AA Convention | November 6 2014 in Santa Monica, California

“Many Paths to Recovery”

The We Agnostics & Free Thinkers International AA Convention is bringing together in unity a fellowship bound by service to reach the alcoholic still suffering. Our mission is to confirm that everyone can find a path to recovery in the AA program without having to accept anyone else’s beliefs or deny their own.

A second generation of members of We Agnostics of Hollywood, California, are engaging the world-wide community of agnostics, atheists, and freethinkers in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) around the world to establish the first:

We Agnostics and Freethinkers
International AA Convention

November 6–8, 2014
Unitarian Universalist Community Church
1260 18th Street
Santa Monica, California, 90404 USA

“Be of service. Be a part of history. Come join us!”


Online Registration is now closed.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.
The cost is $30.00 per day

Our Address
P.O. Box 284, Hollywood, CA 90078